I can't do this!

“I found hope at Heartline.  They didn’t judge me.  Everyone really cared about me.”

*Faith was living a nightmare.  She was pregnant, by someone she wasn’t in a relationship with.  She had no family, no money, and was prostituting herself.  When Faith visited Heartline, she found hope.  Hope that there was a future for her, and her pregnancy.  Faith chose adoption.

Facing an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming.  You might feel scared, alone, depressed, anxious, or nervous.  Our trained staff compassionately cares for you and is prepared to offer support through friendship and community referrals.

If you are having a difficult time facing the reality of your pregnancy, contact Heartline today at 806-788-0500 or info@heartlinelubbock.com.


*Name changed to protect the identity of our client.