Not again...

“The nurse at Heartline was so kind and answered all my questions.”

*Jenny had already had an abortion.  She was supporting her entire family, and couldn’t afford to miss work, even for a baby.  Since having her abortion, Jenny experienced flashbacks, uncontrollable crying, and regret.  Now she was pregnant again and scheduled another abortion.  Jenny and her mom decided to visit Heartline.  Our staff met with her to confirm her pregnancy and performed an ultrasound.  The nurse was able to lovingly explain everything she had questions about.  As Jenny and her mom watched the baby’s heartbeat, they were both moved. 

Are your circumstances so bad that you think abortion is your only choice?  We are here to provide friendship and support, while offering education on all your options

Heartline Women’s Clinic offers a free and confidential abortion recovery programSurrendering the Secret is an 8-week course that helps to bring hope and healing to the post-abortive woman.

For more information on our abortion recovery program, contact Heartline today at 806-788-0500 or


*Name changed to protect the identity of our client.